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POLi is perfect for any business looking to offer their customers a fee free alternative to credit card payments.

Easy payments. POLi enables your customers to pay via their internet banking. Our software populates the payment details and tells you as soon as the payment is complete.
POLi Payments is a business of Australia Post.

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POLi offers a great alternative to credit cards. We provide a seamless and secure payment experience by directing your customer's payment to your account, without any registration needed. We make online payments quick and easy.

By offering POLi, you can reach 95% of Australians who have internet banking capabilities.

For you and your customers

New feature: get instant email notifications of payments.

No missing, over or underpayments. Simply match your bank statement against the POLi report.

Our Australian based customer and technical support is always happy to help.

We make pricing simple. You only pay for completed transactions and support is free for all merchants. No ongoing obligation.

1% per transaction (capped at $3 plus GST)
No establishment or ongoing fees


Transaction Value POLi PayPal
(Base rate)
(Lowest website rate)
$10 $0.10 $0.54 $0.41
$100 $1.00 $2.70 $1.40
$10,000 $3.00 $240.30 $110.30


Service Cost
Refund $2.10 per transaction

POLi offers merchants several ways to sell. Each offers a seamless customer experience and the reassurance of a secure transaction.

Accept easy Internet banking payments at your checkout. Implement POLi into your checkout via API. Plugins are available for a variety of open source shopping carts.

Create short URLs ie that can be sent via email or embedded in an invoice. These URLs launch a POLi Payment for the right amount with the correct reference.


POLi offers discounted rates for not for profit organisations to accept donations on their website or via our Facebook donation app.


Click here to signup for a POLi account:

POLi offers different levels of integration to suit your business.

Web Services: For merchants who require the full range of API services. POLi offers the choice of either a SOAP or REST integration. Full details are available in our comprehensive Developer section.


POLi has developed plugins for the most popular shopping carts including Magento, OpenCart and WooCommerce.


Perfect for larger billers who need to automate the production of POLi Links.


POLi Link: No technical integration. Simply create a link manually from the POLi Console and present to your customers. Suitable for use on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.


Security is the number one priority at POLi. We understand that banks place significant importance on online security and this needs to be matched or bettered by associated payment companies.

Note that POLi does not store any sensitive information such as internet banking usernames and passwords.

During a POLi transaction no one can access or see your internet banking login credentials. All communication via POLi takes place using HTTPS transport level security and no sensitive infomation is stored (not even cached).

Our Security Commitment

In order to maintain our high security standards POLi Payments has undertaken the following:

  • We will perform regular security reviews and 'Bug Bounties'
  • We will ensure security is considered for all new software development.

What the security experts say:


For merchant enquiries, please call: 1300 060 652, or fill in your details below, we will respond as soon as we can.


We collect your information in order to provide support services and/or facilitate sales enquiries. Without this information, we would be unable to provide these services. Where the personal information of a third party has been entered into this field, you hereby warrant that relevant individuals have been notified of such disclosure. Whilst maintained by us, your personal information is handled in accordance with the Australia Post Group Privacy Policy which outlines how to access and/or correct your personal information or make a privacy related complaint. For more information please visit